Week 40 and 41- A pair of Cowls

These patterns are both cowls and use the same yarn but are quite different.

First up we have Twisty, a simple seamless stocking stitch cowl with a twist (an actual twist that it!) This cowl uses a provisional cast on that uses a crochet chain to pick up stitches off, I will be writing a post with some pics with more details of how to do this so keep an eye out for that. Twisty can be found for free here

And the second cowl is Autumn Waves. I am a fan of chunky lace patterns and this wavy lace pattern isn’t too difficult but it does have pattern on both right and wrong side rows so you do have to pay attention! This cowl is sewn up after to not mess up the lace pattern. The pattern for this one can be found free on Ravelry here.

Both of these cowls only use one 50g ball of chunky so can easily be made in an evening. I have used Rico Creative Melange Chunky, which comes in so many beautiful colours, I had a hard time choosing. Have a look at their shade card here! They have also just bought out a DK version which I’m planning on using soon 🙂




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