2016, done!

I’ve finished!

At the start of this year I set myself a challenge of knitting, writing and publishing a new pattern every week, 52 in total. And I’ve actually managed to do it. Because of changing jobs halfway through the year to a much longer working week I haven’t managed to get a pattern out on time every week but I have managed my 52 total before the year is out ūüôā Some of them I’m not too fond of, some of them I really like especially¬†Frosted Fingers,¬†Goldfingers,¬†Royalty Jumper¬†and¬†Kelham Cape. I would have loved to have made more garments but time ran away!

So what happens now? I am not going to stop producing patterns by any means, but they won’t be once a week! I will take more time to design and knit some garments I’ve been thinking about this year and not had the time for so keep an eye out for that. I also plan to do some more tutorial and informative posts. I only managed a couple of those this year but I really enjoyed them so I’ll definitely be doing some more, let me know if you want a particular topic covered.

Thank you to everyone who has bought or downloaded any of my patterns this year, I really hope you enjoy knitting and wearing them, and here’s to a new year and more knitting in 2017!

Happy New Year,

Doris and Wilfred





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